Friendship Ended with Realm of Fire, Now Middle Earth Crisis is my Best Friend Rap Game, featuring The Business Goblin and Paulo the Window Washer, Sylvanian Families, VC8 and SBG!

August 31, 2021

Another mega-sode, what?! Brendan and Rob talk about a bunch of Warhammer stuff and then are joined by Connor "The Business Goblin" Boardman and Paulo "The Window Washer" of Middle Earth Crisis.

What do we talk about? Warhammer, probably! Paulo's got a Vampire Counts army that is for sure. Is Games Workshop writing a language they are going to charge us to speak? Listen and find out!

You can listen to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Middle Earth Crisis here:

(We know it says DungeonPunx, that is a good show too! Check it!)

Of course follow our friends at Darkhammer:

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Thank you to our friends at Phoenix-area industrial band Amnestic for our theme music! Purchase our opener here:

or check out their entire catalog:

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